The program and track committees of the joint conference MCIS and CAPSI 2024, scheduled for October 3rd to 5th, 2024, at Porto Accounting and Business School, Polytechnic of Porto, Porto, Portugal, invite you to consider submitting a track proposal for the conference.

In line with the joint conference’s theme, “Navigating Digital Landscapes: Bridging Technology, People, and Processes,” we invite submissions for track proposals that explore a wide array of topics related to Information Systems (IS) and their organisational and societal impacts.

A General Track has already been established.

Please use the link to submit your track proposals by April 30th, 2024.

The Programme and Track Co-Chairs will select the tracks to ensure diversity and rigour. Certain tracks may be merged.

Established and emerging topics are welcome. Example topics include (but are not limited to):

  •  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms for Research and Practice
  •  Bridging communities and governments with data
  •  Data Analytics and Decision-Making
  •  Data for community-driven solutions in a variety of contexts
  •  Digital financial inclusion
  •  Digital immersive environments, including disability and minority communities
  •  Platform economy for sustainability, social good and digital development

The following information should be provided:

  •  Track Title
  •  Short description of the proposed track
  •  Track main topics
  •  Track co-chairs (from 2 up to 4 co-chairs; ideally, an international team representing the two communities)
  •  Name and surname of track Co-Chairs
  •  E-mail of track Co-Chairs
  •  Affiliation, Country of Track Co-Chairs
  •  Short bios of track Co-Chairs
  •  A list of involved Track Reviewers (indicating their names, surnames, e-mail addresses, and affiliations for each TR).

Track co-chair responsibilities include:

  •  Promoting the track to ensure at least seven submissions per track
  •  Organising a peer-review cycle with at least two reviewers for each submitted paper
  •  Liaising with the Programme Co-Chairs for any organisational matters
  • At least one track chair is expected to attend the conference and chair their track’s session(s)